DIY creepy crawlie spider ice cubes

DIY :: Creepy Crawlie Spider Ice Cubes for Halloween

DIY creepy crawlie spider ice cubes |

If you've been to my parties, you know that the ice cubes I serve usually have something fun frozen in them. From creepy crawlies at Halloween to cranberries during Christmas and grapes at a wine tasting - there is usually something festive floating in everyone's drink by the end of the night. Plastic spider rings are one of my favorite Halloween decorations because they're inexpensive and readily available. You can find them in the Halloween section of most well-stocked drugstores, ranging in price from about $1.99 to $3.99 per package of 25-30. Using plastic spider rings in an unexpected way, like in these creepy crawlie ice cubes, gives them a stylish twist. You can use any Halloween theme toy or candy to freeze in ice cubes; plastic bat rings, skulls rings or plastic pumpkins are all great add-ins. Just be sure to use something that is large enough to pose a choking hazard, especially if you're serving them to kids and/or in cocktails. 63>

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