Fall Halloween Candy Display on Tray

DIY :: Fall Candy Trays 3 Ways

The other day I posted about how to set up a Halloween grownup candy buffet, but you can get the festive candy buffet look even if you don't want to have a massive amount of candy on display (or leftover - because we all know who eats the leftover candy!). Setting up a small but stylish candy tray is a great alternative. We put together three different trays with different themes, so you can pick whatever look suits your party style.

Fall Harvest Candy Tray

Fall Halloween Candy Display on Tray This autumnal candy display, including mallowcreme pumpkins, chocolate-covered peanuts and milk chocolate malt balls, can be used for any fall gathering. The silver tray and adult glasses make it fancy enough to set out as dessert for a fall dinner party. Mallowcreme pumpkins give it a playful touch. You can also add in s'mores candy corn, pumpkin Hershey kisses, or chocolate-covered pomegranate if you aren't able to find malt balls or dark chocolate-covered peanuts.

Spooky Halloween Candy Tray

halloween candy black and orange Traditional black and orange Halloween colors and a few creepy spider rings give a candy tray the perfect look for Halloween. We used Haribo black licorice wheels, black and orange gummy bears from Hampton Candy Co. (found at Marshall's) and orange and black wrapped peanut chews (found at Duane Reade), but you can use any orange and black candy combo. Try a mixture of black and orange jelly beans, mallowcreme pumpkins, sour orange gummy slice or black licorice nibs. Use a black tray or plate with a little faux cob web and clear glass vases and glasses so everyone can see the spooky treats inside. Set this spooky Halloween candy tray out for the grownups to snack on while handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, though I bet the kids will want in on this tray too.

Cheerful Candy Corn Tray

halloween candy corn Nothing says fall quite like candy corn and pumpkins, so use the easy-to-find treats, along with white chocolate candy corn colored M&Ms for a fun and playful Halloween candy tray display. Add a cute little pumpkin, some faux cob webs and set this cheerful candy tray out for a kid-centered event. Just be sure to provide grownup assistance for retrieving the candy out of any delicate glasses.

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