DIY  :: Herb Mason Jar Candle Holders

DIY :: Herb Mason Jar Candle Holders

Mason Jars with tea lights and votives were used to create a warm glow I love how versatile mason jars are. I use mason jars to store things I buy in bulk, like nuts, dried beans and grains. I serve drinks in mason jars at parties when I want a casual feel. I often give homemade treats, like granola, in mason jars. And I use mason jars as vases for bunches of flowers when I am hosting brunch. So when I was thinking about how to dress up my backyard garden for a ladies' night garden party without running out to buy a lot of new things that I would then need to store, I decided to raid my cupboard and use some of my mason jars as candle holders. I used different sized mason jars that I scattered around in groups of three so the different heights gave a more organic feel. To dress up the mason jar candle holders and to go with the garden theme, I bought a few bunches of fresh thyme and tied a few sprigs around the rim of the mason jars using twine. I sprayed the inside of each mason jar with some nonstick spray and then added votives and tea lights to the jars and used them as candle holders. The party pro tip: Coating any glass candle holder with nonstick spray prevents the melted candle wax from sticking to the glass. It made cleanup much easier for when I repurposed the mason jars for their next use. While mason jars have a nice rim that makes tying herbs with twine around the tim very easy (they stay in place because of the ridged threading around the top of the jar), you could tie herbs around any glass container and keep the twine/herbs in place with a small piece of clear tape. With mason jars or any other candle holder, make sure the herbs are off to the side rather than directly over the opening of the candle holder so that the herbs don't burn. Fresh thyme sprigs were tied around the rims with natural color twine What else do you use mason jars for?

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