DIY  :: Washi Tape Wine Glass Markers

DIY :: Washi Tape Wine Glass Markers

washi tape wine glass marker Back in the day I used to have tons of kitchy wine charms to hang on the stem of wine glasses at parties. Everything from little beaded numbers on slim metal rings to metal charms that said things like "cheers" and "three sheets to the wind." While store-bought wine charms are functional, I'm now more into glass markers that are a little less cutesy. I've been using Etch-it tags for brunch and other casual parties, but I wanted drink markers that are a little more sophisticated. When I saw this idea for using patterned washi tape as wine glass markers on Pinterest (via Craftgawker), I gave away all my wine charms and started using washi tape instead. I like to set out a roll of my washi tape along with a thin point Sharpie near the wine glasses so everyone can write their own name on a piece of tape and stick it to their wine (or water) glass. For those who aren't familiar with it, washi tape is basically fancy masking tape. It's pretty Japanese paper tape that is all the rage in the crafting/DIY/blogging world because it's as versatile as masking tape (you can write on it with pencil, pen or marker), and washi tape comes in tons of beautiful patterns. Washi tape is also cheap and easy to find; you can buy washi tape at Michaels or another crafting store, and stores like Staples and Walmart even carry washi tape. There are about a million and one DIY projects you can use washi tape for, and using it as wine glass markers is one of my favorites. My sister went to a party recently where the host told everyone to write their name directly on their wine glass with a Sharpie. The host claimed it washed off easily, but I like my wine glasses too much to try that one at home (and besides, in Sharpie's online FAQs the company advises that the markers should not be used on glass or ceramic that is intended for eating/drinking because it is not safe for consumption and someone could write their name too close to the rim of the glass and end up ingesting some Sharpie juice.) I'll stick with washi tape drink markers instead. Do you have a favorite way for everyone to keep track of their wine glass at parties?

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