Nunu Chocolates Salt Caramel

Friday Find :: NYC Salt Caramels {Nunu Chocolates}

Nunu Chocolates Salt Caramel | I've tried a few chocolates from Nunu Chocolates over the past few years, but it wasn't until I went to their pop-up booth at Madison Square Eats a few weeks ago that I discovered Nunu's salt caramels. I have a bit of an obsession with salted caramel - I adore the sweet salty combo! So when I was told that the salt caramels are Nunu Chocolate's signature and best selling chocolate I immediately bought a box or 5 (don't judge - I shared at least a few of them!). Nunu's salt caramels did not disappoint; buttery and rich, with a deeply toasted salty flavor, covered in a thin layer of smooth dark chocolate with a few crunchy Fleur de Sel sea salt crystals on top. They are insane! I'm told that the deeply toasted salt flavor comes from adding salt to the caramel as it cooks, rather than just sprinkling them on top. Whatever the method, it's working because these are some of the best salted caramel chocolates I have ever had. One friend that I brought a box to (see, I shared!) said that they're going to be her go-to hostess gift this summer.
Nunu Salt Caramel Chocolates Visit Nunu Chocolates at their store on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, where you can grab a beer or glass of wine at the counter while buying your chocolates, or stop at their pop-up booth at Broadway Bites (open 6/1-8/1/14; everyday 11-9pm), or get their goods online at

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