bkr - stylish glass water bottle

Gift Guide :: The Best Glass Water Bottle {bkr}

bkr - stylish glass water bottle The hunt for a glass water bottle that's not too fragile and has a comfortable opening to drink out of is over. The bkr glass water bottle is as stylish as it is functional, with a rainbow of different colors to choose from. It's leak-proof (i.e. will not ruin your bag - I have had several metal ones that lost their threading and began to leak in my purse), and unlike most of the other glass bottles with a protective silicone sleeve the bkr has a small spout so you don't end up pouring the whole bottle on yourself while sipping in the car or on the train. Just know that under that silicone sleeve it is still breakable glass. I personally "tested" the durability: It will survive a drop from arm height while kneeling on a wood floor, but a drop from arm height standing on pavement will be the end of the bottle. Good news is that silicone sleeve keeps all the broken pieces in so it's easy to clean when the bottle meets it's final fate. Get a bkr water bottle for your stylish, healthy friend who always carries hydration on-the-go. A bkr water bottle would also make a great hostess gift for the holidays - something different than a bottle of wine. bkr water bottles, $30. Order direct from bkr (approx. $6 standard shipping), or from Amazon (free shipping for Prime members; affiliate link).

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