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Friday Find :: Horseradish Cheddar {Passover foods}

Spice up your cedar by serving horseradish - a traditional Passover ingredient - in an unexpected way. Several different brands make horseradish cheddar cheese, and the best ones (in my opinion) have large chunks of fresh horseradish in them. Here are a few horseradish cheeses to look for:

farmer's market raw milk cheese

Millport Diary, a small Lancaster, PA farm that makes a great raw milk cheese has a horseradish cheddar that is sharp and delicious. The cheese is studded with large, uneven chunks of horseradish so some bites are more pungent than others. Millport also has a monterey jack cheese with horseradish (pictured) which is a bit creamier and milder than the cheddar. Millport Dairy is available at several NYC Farmer's Markets, including Thursdays at Cadman Plaza in Brooklyn. Their full schedule is available here.

Yancey's Fancys, a New York artisan cheese, makes a nice horseradish cheddar that is smooth, slightly creamy and mild. Yancey's cheese is available on Amazon and at Wegmans and several other NY stores.


Grafton Village, a wonderful Vermont cheesemaker, makes a great horseradish cheddar that has a bit of kick to it but is still mild enough for broad appeal. Grafton Village cheeses are available at Whole Foods, Zabars, Murray's Cheese and several other NY and Vermont stores. Be sure to serve this at a milk or pareve meal if you're keeping Kosher.

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