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Hip Tip: Party Perfect Cupcake Trees

A cupcake tree is the perfect serving piece for a large crowd or for times when portability is needed (think kids gym birthday party or picnic in the park). Made of cardboard and easy to assemble to the size you need simply by using as few or as many layers as you'd like, a cupcake tree makes baked goods look professional. Elevated layers of cupcakes or muffins are an impressive addition to any party. It's easy to dress up the standard cardboard cupcake tree by using double sided table and adding a nice ribbon trim around the edge of the tiers. It literally took me 5 minutes to add the ribbon to the two tiers of this square tree, shown above. If you're feeling particularly ambitious, you could trace each cardboard tier onto wrapping paper and affix it to the layers before loading them with cupcakes. Note that if you use the decorative paper to line the tiers, you will need to cut slits in the paper in order to access the slits holding each layer together. Cupcake trees are available from www.cupcaketree.com (prices range from $15-44, depending on size).

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