Homemade-Hostess-Gift Stylish Spoon

Homemade Hostess Gift

You could pick up a bottle of wine, but why not bring a homemade hostess gift instead? Next time you're baking, make a few extra to freeze and bring as hostess gifts. I like to bake mini loaves of quick bread - like zucchini, cranberry-orange or pumpkin - and freeze them for future giving. A good way to keep the breads nice and moist is to wrap them in plastic wrap while they are still hot (it seals in the moisture). Put them in another layer, and then a freezer bag to keep them fresh. Seal the treats with a label ("from the kitchen of ___") and a pretty ribbon for a professional look. It's always nice to get a homemade gift, especially one that can be enjoyed by the tired hosts for breakfast the following morning.

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