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Pink princess birthday party table setting afternoon tea crown place card favors My crafty friend, Vicki, made these super cute DIY crown place cards for the pink princess birthday party she threw for her daughter's 4th birthday. I asked Vicki for a quick description of how she made them because they're not only adorable, but also really inexpensive and simple to make. Below are a list of supplies and simple how-to instructions. Use these DIY crown place cards at place settings for a princess tea party (Vicki put princess chapsticks in each tiny crown and used them as place cards at the table), as labels for food on a buffet, or tie them on to party favors with a satin bow. Here's how to make these tiny princess place card crowns for your next princess party: Supplies: Empty cardboard paper towel rolls Metallic acrylic paints (such as gold, silver and copper) Paint brush Sparkly nail polish Black paint pen Instructions:
  1. Using a pair of sharp scissors, cut the paper towel roll into 2-3" rings (try to keep the rings the same size - use a pencil and ruler to mark where to evenly cut, if necessary). Cut evenly spaced triangles out of one side of each ring (about 7 total, depending on size) to make the crown shape.
  2. Use a mix of metallic acrylic paints and paint the inside and outside of the cardboard crowns, blending as you go. Set the crowns on newspaper or waxed paper to dry.
  3. Using a black paint pen, write names on one side of each crown.
  4. Add sparkle nail polish to the edges and in a few sparsely painted spots to add some glitz to the crowns.
Do you have another idea for where to use these cute DIY cardboard princess crowns? Share in the comments!
Designed by the talented Victoria Russotti.

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