4th of July Beverage Station

Party :: 4th of July Beverage Station

4th of July Beverage Station  | stylishspoon.com Setting up a self-serve drink station is a great idea for summer entertaining. It makes it easy for everyone to help themselves (i.e. less work for the host!). Fill a galvanized tub or another large bucket with ice and nestle in beer, water and bottled beverages. Set out sangria (like this patriotic red & blue rosé sangria) or another signature drink in a drink dispenser or pitcher, along with cups (or mason jars, as shown). Don't forget a scoop or plastic cup to use for scooping ice, and a bottle opener (attaching it to a handle on the bucket with a ribbon or a string is a good idea). Also set out a stack of cocktail napkins for glasses that sweat in the summer heat. I like to include a few snacks, like a bowl of fresh cherries or a nut mix, for a little color and so people can grab a handful as they serve themselves. Lastly, be sure to designate a place for empty bottles; setting a laundry basket or box under the drink table makes clean-up quick and easy. Do you have any other tips for setting up a self-serve beverage station? Share in the comments! Photo credits: Beth Robyn Photography

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