Recipe :: Chocolate Covered Clementines with Pistachios

Chocolate covered clementines with pistachios Although the little miss adores cooking almost as much as I do, I find that the best things for us to make together are quick and impressive. Quick so she doesn't lose interest, but impressive enough that she feels like we made sometime really special. When it came time to think of a quick yet impressive dessert for us to make for a Hanukkah party we hosted last week, I was inspired by the brimming bowl of clementines on our counter. We often make chocolate-covered strawberries, and even pineapple dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with vanilla bean sea salt, but I remembered seeing a picture of chocolate-covered tangerine slices so I thought that chocolate-covered clementines would be a nice change of pace. We already had some chopped pistachios left over after making homemade chocolate truffles a few weeks ago, so we gave the chocolate-covered slices a sprinkle of chopped pistachios (the little miss took over this job) to add a little crunch to the chocolate. They turned out great. These chocolate-covered clementine slices are both decadent and refreshing at the same time; a rich dark chocolate shell with a burst of juice in the center and a slightly nutty flavor. Chocolate-covered clementines are also particularly impressive for a 15 minute cooking project, and they were particularly nice after a heavier meal of brisket and potato latkes. Chocolate-covered clementines with pistachios are elegant enough for a New Year's Eve cocktail party, yet simple enough to serve as a little treat after a family dinner. Make the clementines at least 2 hours in advance to give the chocolate time to harden and form a crunchy shell for the fruit. 93>

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