Tasting-Theme-Party Stylish Spoon

Tasting Theme Party

A tasting theme is a great way to spice up any gathering, whether it's a casual weekend get-together or a wedding shower. Make a tasting theme party out of any food or drink. Have a beer, scotch or wine tasting and serve complementary foods (pizza, wings, steak, cheese or tapas—whatever goes best with the beverages you choose). You can make the tasting into a blind taste test by setting up a station with glasses behind numbered signs. Print tasting note sheets (find a form online or simply print “tasting notes” at the top of a sheet and have lines after the numbers that correspond with the beverages). For a more family-friendly tasting, choose a favorite food and get different types, flavors or brands to compare. Steak sauces, hot sauces, ice cream and cheese are all great foods for tasting. Serve steak to dip into the steak sauces, wings to dip into the hot sauces, different toppings for the ice cream, and different spreads (quince paste, raspberry jam or mustard) to serve with the cheeses.

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