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Thanksgiving Recipe Testing

fall vegetable side dishes thanksgiving recipes Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday; a time to be thankful and enjoy good food with your loved ones. This is my first year hosting Thanksgiving dinner and while it's a big meal to prepare, I'm so looking forward to it. It's really no different than any other holiday or dinner party, except the expectation of a beautifully golden bird as the center of the meal. Good news is you don't have to decide on your entree. But there are so many wonderful seasonal vegetables to choose from for sides. Winter squash, sweet potatoes, beets, cabbage, ruttebegas, turnips, brussel sprouts, bitter greens and cranberries to name a few. How is one to decide? Maybe you already have some family must-have favorites to incorporate, but this year is my year to creat my own spread so I'm busy mulling over recipes and cookbooks for inspiration. In choosing my sides, I'm looking for dishes with contrasting textures to diversify the meal. I'll be testing recipes over the next few weeks to finalize the menu, so join me for this fall recipe testing journey. I'll share all the delicious recipes I test (some may not be worthy of sharing) and will let you know which are my final picks for my first Thanksgiving menu.

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