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Turkey Cupcakes

thanksgiving cupcakes

My niece is quite the pastry chef. She bakes beautiful cakes and comes up with fun cupcake ideas. These turkey cupcakes are inspired by her creations from Thanksgivings past.

Turkey Cupcakes
  • 12 Chocolate cupcakes 1 batch
  • DF chocolate frosting
  • 1 bag dye-free candy corn
  • 12 DF chocolate melting wafers
  • 1 vanilla frosting in tube
  • 1 piece shoe-string black licorice, cut into tiny pieces

To Assemble Turkey Cupcakes: Top chocolate cupcakes with frosting, spreading a thick layer around the top of each cupcake. Stick 5 pieces of candy corn in a row along one edge of the cupcake. Make two dots with vanilla frosting toward the bottom of each chocolate wafer (leave a little 1/4" space at bottom) and place a piece of licorice in center to make eyes. Stand chocolate face toward the front (opposite end from the candy corn tail) of the cupcake, leaving room to lay one candy corn flat for the "nose."

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