Jam-filled Thumbprint Cookies

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A jam filled cookie but make it free from refined sugar! Our house-made strawberry jam is made with organic fruit and sweetened with fresh-squeezed orange juice and honey. Perfect for any Spring celebrations, including Easter and Passover since they are grain-free.

Soft, chewy and they taste like a delicious cross between an almond macaron and traditional thumbprint jam cookie.

Contains 12 individually wrapped cookies (about 1.2 oz each)

Your Cookies will arrive fully baked and ready-to-eat. Enjoy as is or pop in the microwave for a warm and gooey cookie. Unopened, they have a shelf life of two months. Once opened, store in air-tight container up to two weeks. 

Ground almonds, coconut flour*, maple syrup*, coconut oil*, jam (blackberries*, fresh-squeezed citrus*, spices*, vegan pectin*, Kosher salt, pure vanilla extract, coconut sugar*, baking soda, Kosher salt.

Contains nuts (almonds and coconut).

These cookies are not certified kosher. They are grain-free and pareve and produced in a dairy-free, meat-free, soy-free, gluten-free facility in Fairfield County, CT. 

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