Rainbow Sprinkle Cookie Pie

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Our best-selling grain-free, vegan cookies in pie form! Perfect for sharing and celebrating. This special rainbow sprinkle is extra festive!

Soft and chewy with a hint of coconut and sea salt. Made with simple ingredients and packed with great flavor!

  • Fresh-baked, organic, non-GMO ingredients
  • Naturally gluten-free, dairy-free, grain-free, soy-free & vegan
  • NO FLOUR. Whole, ground almonds compose the “flour” in these cookies.
  • NO FILLERS. NO ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS. No soy, corn, additives or preservatives.
  • Made with dye-free sprinkles that are free from palm oil. 

Cookie Pies at 8” (24 oz) and delivered in a pie box with a window inside of a shipping box. 


  • Almonds: Rich in antioxidants and Vitamin E, almonds help control blood sugar and regulate blood pressure.
  • Coconut Oil: Helps speed up your metabolism, promotes healthy brain function, boosts immunity, and increases energy levels.  

Your Cookie Pie can be stored at room temperature for up to a week or kept frozen for up to 6 months. 

Reheat in oven at 350°F for 5 minutes or until fully warm.

Slice into 8 pieces and serve warm with dairy-free ice cream. 

Blanched almond flour, maple syrup, organic unfiltered coconut oil, pure vanilla extract, dairy-free/soy-free mini chocolate chips (cane sugar, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter), baking soda, Kosher salt.

Allergens: Contains tree nuts (almonds)

Produced in a facility that is free from gluten, dairy, soy, peanut, egg and shellfish.

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