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Spring Cleaning Tips from the Pros | stylishspoon.com This past weekend I dropped a bottle of nail polish on my bathroom floor and watched it splatter all over my beige tiles. Later that day I accidentally knocked over and broke my husband's #1 Dad pint glass. And today I spilled an entire batch of Asparagus End Soup as I was taking it out of the fridge. The soup spilled inside of the refrigerator drawers, down the front of the freezer into the seal cracks, and dripped into a huge pea green puddle on the floor. It even managed to splatter all over the wine fridge across the way (my kitchen is quite narrow). I'm feeling cluttered and now that I finally saw the sun this afternoon, I am ready for some Simple Spring Cleaning. Each year, I commit to getting rid of 100 items – things I know I can live without because they have gone untouched for months, and sometimes even years. Over the course of the next two week, I will place items either in the trash or in a bags bound for Goodwill and keep a list tracking each item. Having a finite number to reach makes an overwhelming task seem manageable and the actual number – 100 items – is substantial enough to make the purging seem meaningful. This year, I looked to some experts for ideas for doing a deep spring clean. Below is the best advice I found for cleaning everything from your microwave to your makeup brushes and diet.


Spring Clean Your Kitchen - a quick and comprehensive guide from Houzz for deep cleaning your kitchen in time for spring (who knew to clean the dishwasher?). Spring Cleaning Your Pantry - tips from Melissa Clark on how long foods last, what to pitch and the best way to store ingredients (spoiler: nuts should be kept in the fridge).


Spring Cleaning: Bathroom Edition - how to make your bathroom sparkle and make it feel like a luxury hotel in 2 hours. Spring Clean Your Medicine Cabinet - out with the cold meds and in with the calamine lotion.


4 Basic Steps of Winter Clothing Storage - including tips for keeping your cashmere moth-free without the mothballs. The Golden Rules of Editing Your Wardrobe - spring closet cleaning and organization tips from Gwyneth.

Natural Cleaning Supplies

6 DIY Green & Safe Cleaning Products - everything you need to know about using vinegar, salt, lemon baking soda and seltzer for deep cleaning. Vegan Guide to Spring Cleaning - the Dreamy Idealist's list of simple, all natural and vegan products to get your home spick-and-span.

Makeup Bag

Makeup Bag Edit: Out With the Old - Bobbie Brown's guide for when to pitch makeup to keep your skin clear. Take Care of Your Beauty Tools - learn how to properly clean your makeup brushes with a how-to from Sonia Kashuk. It's Time for Spring Cleaning: Skin-Care Edition - a dermatologist's tips for retiring your retinoids and lightening up your moisturizer in time for summer.


5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Diet - simple diet ideas to slim down this spring from a Runner's World nutritionist.
Photo via the Dreamy Idealist

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