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Easter :: 5 Easy Easter Egg Fillers

Tonight I'm filling loads of plastic Easter eggs in anticipation of the Easter egg hunt I'm hosting in my backyard on Sunday. My building has a nice communal backyard and I stash Easter eggs all around the yard for our gaggle of toddler egg hunters. While everyone loves a little chocolate on Easter, I was aiming for some healthier non-candy options to include in the mix. The following 5 Easter egg filler ideas are simple to find between a stop at your grocery store, toy store, drugstore and office supply store. Do you have any good non-candy Easter egg filler ideas? We'd love to hear them - share in the comments! Bunny Fruit Snacks - Individual mini packs of Annie's Homegrown Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks are a crowd-pleasing Easter egg filler. I used the Berry Patch and Grapes Galore flavors (6 flavors to choose from, about $3.99 per box), and are available at most well-stocked grocery stores with an organic section.

Annie's Bunny Fruit Snacks Healthy Easter Egg Filler |

Paratrooper Animals - I found mini parachute jungle toys in the party favor section of a party supply store. These adorable paratroopers come in packs of 4 for just under $3.

Parachute Jungle Animal Party Favor Toys Easter Egg Fillers |

Easter Mani - Give girly girls mani supplies in an Easter egg with Piggy Paint nail polish, which is eco-friendly, non-toxic nail polish that's free of it’s free of formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, Bisphenol A, ethyl acetate and acetone (they say that it’s as natural as mud!). Add a cute plastic ring to the handle of the bottle for extra girly points (rings shows are from Okitoki - a set of 7 rings that I picked up from an office supply store in the toy section for $1.99/pack).

Piggy Paint Nail Polish & Plastic Ring Easter Egg Fillers |

Craft Supplies - Tapeffiti's mini craft tape dispensers come filled with washi-like tape in fun patterns that are perfect for the arts and crafts crowd. Available on Amazon for $6.99, though I found them at an office supply store for $3.99.

Tapeffiti Craft Tape Dispenser Easter Egg Filler |

Glitter Silly Putty Eggs - These are the easiest egg filler of all since they come in a decorative egg case. I found the glitter silly putty eggs at my local drugstore (Duane Reade - 2/$1). Oriental Trading sells similar iridescent glitter silly putty eggs.

Glitter Silly Putty Easter Eggs |

Happy Easter egg hunting!

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