DIY Dark Chocolate-Covered Peeps

Recipe :: Dark Chocolate Covered Peeps for Easter

DIY Dark Chocolate-Covered Peeps |

Add a stylish twist to a traditional Easter treat.

I have a secret sweet spot for Peeps. Last year, one of my friends indulged me and brought Jacques Torres's Chocolate Covered Bunny Peeps ($5/4 pack) as a hostess gift for Easter. I immediately knew that I would be making my own DIY version of chocolate-covered peeps for Easter this year. I most enjoy Peeps when they're slightly stale. In the past I've bought them and left the package open so they would harden slightly on the outside, but still have a soft center. The chocolate shell on these chocolate-covered Peeps gives the same effect - a contrasting exterior texture with a soft, gooey center. They are especially delicious fresh out of the fridge, when the chocolate has a bit of a snap to it. These chocolate-covered Peeps are really easy to make, and take about 45 minutes of hands-on time for 36 chocolate-covered bunnies. Making these yourself instead of buying the luxurious pre-made chocolate-covered bunny Peeps from Mr. Chocolate, even using a good quality dark chocolate, comes out to about 10 cents per chocolate-covered bunny. If you have the time, make your own chocolate-covered Peeps and add them as a high-end Easter treat to Easter baskets and dessert buffets. You can also put the chocolate-covered Peeps on candy sticks or 8" skewers and make them into pops. I individually wrapped each chocolate-covered bunny pop and will be handing them out as favors after Easter brunch. Chocolate-covered bunny Peeps are an easy way to make an Easter staple a little more stylish.

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