All-American 4th of July Party

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All-American 4th of July Party
If you want to throw a stylish 4th of July party but are short on time, this free printable party plan is for you! Simple white hydrangeas and mini flags from the hardware store are the only party supplies needed for this stylish 4th of July cookout (and no grill required!). Most of the festive decor comes from the simple red, white and blue themed food: blue & white corn chips with salsa; watermelon-tomato gazpacho shooters, red & white quinoa salad, hot dogs with the fixin's, red & blue sangria, cherry hand pies, and red white & blue chocolate-covered strawberries. Add a few other self-serve beverages, like an all-American beer (I served Liberty Ale) and lemonade or iced tea in a big bucket of ice and your good to go on 4th of July food and bevies. Use this free printable party plan, with the full menu, recipes, shopping list and timeline for this party.
4th of july drinks - sangria white hydrangeas and mason jar glasses
Grab a few other things from around your house that go with the 4th of July red, white and blue party theme to fill in the rest of the party decor. I used a few red and blue serving pieces I had on hand, such as a red wooden circular tray that I love for outdoor entertaining, a few blue melamine bowls, and a red table runner. I also used a slew of Ball mason jars in varying sizes that I use for pantry storage which repurposed into drinking vessels, vases, gazpacho shooters, and utensil holders. Finally, I added a few red striped straws leftover from a sock monkey baby shower, and tied a white rope belt from a sundress around the sangria drink dispenser to add a little nautical touch to the spread.
4th of july hot dogs with all the fixings and condiments
This entire 4th of July cookout menu can basically be made in advance - grilling, broiling or boiling the hotdogs is the only cooking you'll need to do during the party. Check out the party plan for this 4th of July party (hotlink will be added), which has everything you need to throw this simple party, including all of the recipes, a shopping list and a timeline to help you get it all done without breaking a sweat. Work party prep into the few days before the party. Make a playlist one night, grocery shop on the way home from work, make the recipes over a few days and you'll be ready for party time in no time.
4th of July Cherry Hand Pies & Sangria
Anchor Liberty Ale - perfect beer to serve this 4th of july
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